Morning Game Drives at iMfolozi National Park

South Africa is known for its majestic wildlife and lavish landscapes - it's what gives this land the unique charm that it has. One of the most amazing ways to experience this African beauty is to take a guided game drive tour through the lands that tell of this rich heritage and magnificent grandeur.

There is over 30,000 hectares of land to be explored within the iMfolozi Game Reserve, all of which is teeming with wildlife such as giraffe, zebra, impala and a multitude of birds, from the little weaver to the great eagles of the sky. One of the main attractions is the fact that iMfolozi is home to the BIG 5 and home to one of the largest rhino populations on earth. If you are lucky enough, you will spot all 5 of these glorious animals on your drive. Search carefully in between the rustling of the tall grass for a pride of lion, or search the branches for a lazing leopard. If you’re quiet enough you may see some wildebeest drinking at the waterhole or an elephant's trunk stretching up into the leaves - you may even get stopped by a rhino in your path - if you do, you will have experienced some of South Africa’s most treasured animals.

The reserve never disappoints - you are always sure to see some spectacular animals that will get your cameras clicking and your hearts racing.

Our qualified field guides are excellent at what they do and passionate about the Reserve and all it animals, so they will endeavour to give you an informed and exciting game drive - one that you won’t forget.

The Reserve is one of the oldest reserves in South Africa and the third largest - we take care of our environment and the animals that dwell in it, by being conscious of what’s happening in the world and taking measures to make our reserve a safe and happy environment for all species.

Afternoon Game Drives at Ubizane

If being close to nature and the ever-present beauty that comes with it, is what makes your heart sing - then you are ready for and afternoon game drive at Ubizane. The reserve is overflowing with splendour which can be so conveniently witnessed from the openness of the game drive. Be prepared for giraffe poking their long necks into your vehicle to say hello, or zebra running right past your hand. Expect to have close encounters with white rhino, wildebeest and a variety of other plains game such as nyala, impala, kudu and duiker, that will leaving you in awe.

You will also be introduced to the array of amphibians, reptiles and birds that ease their way around the reserve. Our tall, ever-popular fever trees in the Fever Tree Forest are a popular site for nests contain a host of birdlife, from starlings to eagles, to a vast range of ground birds - you are sure to spot them a plenty as zigzag your way through the reserve. Ubizane currently boasts over 450 different species of birds at the reserve, making it almost impossible not to spot a diverse mix of birdlife.

The guided afternoon tour offers a few minutes on the hill overlooking the reserve to take advantage of photo opportunities and to breathe in the fresh air and breathtaking view of the surroundings. This is where you will truly be able to appreciate the beauty of Africa and all that it beholds.

Game Drives at Hluhluwe-iMfolozi National Park

If experiencing the BIG 5 is not thrilling enough, then experiencing them in an open game viewing vehicle through the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve will definitely get your pulse going. Our guests have the chance of venturing into this world-renowned National Park together with experienced field guides, as part of the Ubizane Reserve offerings.

If this sound like something that you don’t want to miss out on, then sign up for this once in a lifetime outing at our front desk on arrival or pre-book before you arrive. At 05h00 you will get a wake-up call from our Safari Guide. 05h30 all guest meets up at the Tree Lodge bar area for a coffee and biscuit where the guide will do a short briefing. As the sun lick the buffalo grass, the tour will set off (05h45) for the 3-hour drive into the Park to experience what Africa has on offer in its beautiful surroundings. The tour guide will do a brief stop off for the guests to stretch those legs and to feel the African soil under foot.

This is a game drive not to be missed!

The Park

The park was established in 1895 and has been declared the oldest standing park in South Africa and the third largest. The parks spans over 96 000 hectares of land with the greats of the BIG 5 and various other wild animals roaming its hills and grounds. The park, which was originally established  in the 1800s to help protect the once nearly extinct white rhino, as they dropped to a depressing number of only 20 rhinos left in the world, is now home to thousands of these glorious animals. The park has paved the way for the white rhino and saved them from this almost fatal future, and as a result, there are no more than 10 000 white rhino in existence around the world.

In 1981, the park introduced the endangered African Wild Dog to its rolling hills and still to this day, runs a programme to try and maintain these wonderful creatures and raise their numbers so that they too can be taken off the endangered species list.

The Wildlife

The park hosts a myriad of living creatures, ranging from mammals to reptiles, amphibians, insects and the 300 plus species of birdlife that take to the air and ground. You will also find an abundance of unique and indigenous plant life and trees, which are home and often food to the many creatures that roam through them.

Some of the magnificent animals that dwell in the park include the now endangered wild dog, cheetah and the black and white rhino, not to mention the BIG 5 that we have already spoken about. The park is home to a vast variety of birds of prey, such as vultures, eagles and falcons, to name but a few.

If you manage to wander on down to the majestic Imfolozi River, do so at your own peril, as the Nile crocodile and happy hippos wade in the waters and on the banks of this flowing beauty. The river is surrounded by soaring trees and rustling reeds, filled with all sorts of birdlife, while the more timid game such as giraffe and zebra, keep their distance further back from the river as they nibble on lush bush plants.

On any game drive, it's never guaranteed that you will spot any of these incredible animals, but our knowledgeable game rangers do their very best to find as many of the wildlife as they can, by using their keen skills and familiarity of the bush that they know so well. The scenery and peaceful tranquility of nature will ensure an unforgettable game drive that will leave you with memories for a lifetime and tales to tell for years to come.

Self-Drive at Hluhluwe-Umfolozi, African Game Drive



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