Your love story, set in Africa

Whether you are looking to keep it simple and intimate with just a few guests, or want to have a larger safari wedding of up to 80 people, we are here to make your special day a memorable one. Why not bring the beauty and splendour of Ubizane into your happy day?

Our safari wedding packages provide an abundance of options that can be tailored to suit the needs of every couple. There are two breathtaking venues to choose from. First, there’s the intimate Tree Lodge Lounge, with the watering hole as a backdrop. If you’re looking for a truly African-inspired wedding, you can say your vows in the bush either high up on the Ubizane hill or deep within the Fever Tree forest.

For the reception, you can dine under the stars surrounded by the African bush, in a relaxed environment with everything taken care of. Those looking for a more closed and intimate, candlelit ambience can opt for the Tree Lodge Boma. Either way, it’ll be a feast of fine, home-cooked cuisines that can be tailored to your specific requests.

The ideal venue for inspiring
and motivational
set in nature

Ubizane offers conference and destination meeting facilities that cater to conferences of various sizes. Set in quiet surroundings, our conference room is air-conditioned for your comfort and comes standard with trestle tables and comfortable seating for a relaxed and laid back environment. The centre is also fully equipped with coffee and water stations and restrooms. We work closely with companies of all sizes to ensure their requests can be accommodated as per specific company requirements.

For ease and comfort, our seating arrangements typically suit no more than 45 delegates and are best arranged as follows:

The Group Workshop Seating
Caters for 40 delegates, with 10 people per table and 4 tables in total. Perfect for a more interactive conference, where delegates are required to work together on a project and chat closely.

School Room Seating
Caters for 45 delegates with linear rows of tables laid out, seating 3 people per table. Great for groups of individuals who need to work together in small focus groups.

U-shaped Seating
Tables are placed together to form the shape of a U in the room. There is ample space to create two U-shaped tables which will seat 42 delegates or one U-shaped table, seating 25 delegates for a more exclusive conference.

Boardroom Style Seating
Suitable for 20 delegates for a more personalised conference. If need be, two close-knit lines of tables can be laid out to seat 42 delegates.
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