Our Aviary

13 July 2014, Sunday

Our Aviary has come a long way from being just a patch of ground next to the Tree lodge reception to what it is today: a home to doves, rabbits, guinea pigs – and it has even been home to Barn Owls that were rehabilitated at Ubizane.

The last couple of days, Martin (our Kitchen Manager) and Wayne (our Lodge Manager) have been hard at work cleaning and planting. They tied branches against the fences and trees in the Aviary to make it look more “natural” for the inhabitants.

While cleaning the aviary, Nikita and Wayne noticed that one of the female rabbits was pulling her fur out and making a nest with it in one of the burrows. A couple of days later, they took a look and found that the rabbit had given birth to two healthy baby rabbits. We will keep an eye on these little ones and keep you updated on all their adventures in the future.

We also have 2 little guinea pigs in our Aviary: Jeffery and a new guinea pig named Buddy. Buddy is a lot less shy than his friend Jeffery.

We also have a few different species of doves in our Aviary such as Laughing Doves, Ring-necked Doves, Tambourine Doves, Zebra Doves and Emerald Doves.
Each one with their own unique call which you can hear the whole day through, from sunrise to sunset.

We encourage all our readers and guests to come and visit the Aviary as well as our Ostriches new home the next time you come and visit.

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