Handyman Hein joins the family!

17 December 2013, Tuesday

Ubizane’s family gained a DIY-fix-everything-man! He is an all-rounder with a love to braai. Meet our own real life Chuck Norris of Ubizane… Handyman Hein!

The fact that Ubizane was deeply nestled in nature with wildlife all around inspired Hein to apply for the job as Maintenance Manager.

The fact that Ubizane is exciting with everyday bringing a new challenge makes this job stand out from all the rest for him! Here are a few questions that will help you get to know Hein:

What is the biggest rule in your line of work?
Do the best I can and be proud of all my projects.

Do you enjoy living in the bush?
Yes. It’s peaceful and relaxing!

What is your biggest fear?
Mozambique Spitting Cobra – or as we call it around here in Zulu: Imfezi

What animal would you be for a day, and why?
A Cheetah, so I can be the fastest in the bush and run away from the Imfezi’s!

What would you use from the items you carry around each day, to fight off a crafty monkey?
My slingshot

Tell us more about yourself:
I’m an ordinary guy from Senekal in the Free State, who loves to braai…

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