Ubizane’s very own, Chloè the Goatdashian.

30 July 2014, Wednesday

When guests arrive at Ubizane Tree Lodge Reception, there’s always one member of the Ubizane team that they either can’t wait to meet or meet as they arrive and her name is… Chloè the goat, or as Wayne, our Lodge Manager has nicknamed her, Chloè: Ubizane’s very own Goatdashian.

Chloè was found about a year ago stuck in one of our fences that borders the community. It isn’t unusual for the community’s goats to either get stuck in our fences or to even get through the fence and enter Ubizane. When this does happen, we normally either release the goats back in the community side or if the goat is very young or has been injured, we take it into our care until the goat is back to full strength or until a community member comes and claims the goat back.

With Chloè, she was very young when one of the Ubizane staff found her in the fence. We decided to take her into our care until one of the community members come and claim her.
As days, weeks and months passed, Chloè was never claimed back and has become a big part of our team as well as Ubizane’s mascot. She has her own very unique personality and is always a few steps behind Natascha (Ubizane’s General Manager).

The staff at Ubizane had to learn quickly that one of Chloè’s favorite daily activities is to eat almost every piece of important paper she could find, everything from guests information pamphlets to our daysheets and we couldn’t use, “The goat ate my paperwork” as an excuse every time.

Chloè’s mornings normally start with joining us at our early morning meetings, she has her very own chair whereby she climbs on and either listens to what we discuss or taking a quick snooze before her hectic busy day starts (you know the life of a Goatdashian has never a dull moment).

When Chloè isn’t found eating paper or following Natascha, she is sure to be found lying on one of the Tree Lodge swimming pool loungers with her friend Ziquenya, our anti-poaching dog, getting a nice mid-day or afternoon tan and a quick nap before jumping up and bleating either for attention or more food.

Chloè has become such a big part of our team and we know that there will never be a dull moment with her here at Ubizane Wildlife Reserve.

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