Wendy’s Release Back into the Wild

26 December 2013, Thursday

It’s been almost a month since Wendy first joined the Ubizane family. A month of loving scratches and tummy rubs, of being spoiled with hand fed grass and mixed veggie buffet.

After becoming used to the area from the safety of her Boma, the time finally arrived to release Wendy back into the wild. Emotions were bitter sweet. While this had been the joint goal of CROW and Ubizane from the beginning, it also meant that we would have to say goodbye to one of the newest members of our family.

On the morning of the 23rd of December 2013 we were joined by members from CROW. After some discussion we chose to release our dear friend near one of the dams on our reserve. Wendy seemed to agree with our decision as she confidently and quickly explored her new home.

Even with all the excitement Wendy was not one to forget her manners. She shared a tender good bye with her adoptive father Tiaan and Estie Allan from CROW.

Everyone headed back to the Lodge after a successful release but there were still concerns that Wendy had grown too attached to people as Warthogs are known to be exceptionally loyal animals. Our fears were soon quelled when we all saw how comfortable she was during a recent visit to her new home on Christmas day.

We at Ubizane are so thankful to CROW for giving us the opportunity to aid in the re-integration of this beautiful animal to the wild.
Having a part in such an amazing story bought back so many memories of our beloved Tiban.(http://www.ubizane.blogspot.com/2012/12/final-farewell-to-tiban.html)

We wish Wendy all the best in her new home and rest assured, we will keep you all posted on any sightings of this beautiful girl.

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