Ubizane’s new Reservationist!

28 August 2014, Thursday

For all our guests who have lately been booking stays and for all future new guests who would like to see the face behind the beautiful voice you hear over the phone when you book a stay at Ubizane Wildlife Reserve, meet Precious.

Precious has been part of the Ubizane family for the last couple of months and as tradition, we decided to ask her a few questions about what she likes and how she is adapting to staying in the bush seeing that she comes from the city.

1) Where are you originally from?
I’m from Newcastle but I spend my high school years in Underberg because my parents wanted to send me to a good school. So I consider both towns ‘home’.

2) What inspired you to join the Ubizane Family?
I was a bit tired of city hotels and only dealing with corporate clients. I wanted something more challenging and leisure hotels offer more variety of things to do and you get to know the people as well.
So a growing lodge like Ubizane was the first choice for me.

3) What’s the best part of living in the Bush?
The beach! LoL because my job is dealing with people and putting a smile on your face even when deep down you know you have been pushed too far. I also want time off to just be alone and grumpy like any other human being. But most importantly observing how nature works and appreciating the things most people take for granted. For instance, the high rate of Rhino poaching. Being here has opened my eyes to how serious it is and how this beautiful animal will soon be extinct if this is not stopped.

4) If you could choose what animal you could be for a day, which animal would you choose and why?
Growing up I was obsessed with dolphins. I love their playful behaviour and wonderful stories about how they risk their lives to save humans. They are just the Cutest!!

5) What animal reminds you of a cartoon character?
The first time I saw a warthog here at Ubizane, I immediately thought of Pumba. He was my favourite character. I just loved how silly he was and how he didn’t like it when anyone but his friends pointed out his flaws. I guess that is how I also dealt with bullies and peer pressure growing up.

6) Out of the BIG 5, which animal is your favourite?
It would have to be the lion. Observing the two women that raised me (my mom and grandmother). I learned from them how a woman like a lioness gives a man his place and let him be the king but still go out and be a hunter that provides for her family, be a mother and wife. The lioness never tries to outshine the king and that is what I want to be as well.

7) What city luxury do you miss most out in the Bush?
The shoe shopping (hides) and actually wearing heels out LOL.

8) Seeing you work in an office, if you have an Ostrich attack you in the office and all you had to defend yourself with was a ruler or a stapler, what would you choose and how would you defend yourself?
Such a bad selection! 🙂 I think I would go for the ruler to try and chase it away with. How I will survive the kick, I don’t know!

From the Ubizane Team, we are very happy to have Precious as part of our Family and hope she enjoys every moment in the Bush with us.

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